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When is the best time to travel to Egypt

Egypt Egypt offers excellent diving conditions all year round.

From October to May, the climate is cooler and the huge cruise ships are more common. To dodge the crowds of buses, it is better to visit the main attractions early in the morning or late in the afternoon during these months.

*The best time for watching dolphins if you do dive or snorkeling specially in Dahab is from March to November.

*The temperature increases from May to August, as it reaches up to 48 degrees on some days, but it is not too humid, so it is recommended to drink a lot of water and use sunscreen. August is the warmest month,

In September, the temperature falls a bit and becomes more cooler during October and November.

From December till March this is the winter season in Egypt but still nice warm during daytime and cold at night, long sleeved top required. It is hotter in the south, but it can get cool at night as well.

Coptic Christians, who make up 15 percent of Egypt’s population, don’t celebrate Christmas on 25th December, but around 7th January. The celebrations are a wonderful sight to see.

Ramadan is a 30-day religious celebration period, during daytime not everywhere will be open as usual other days, but at evening you can see amazing things and people stay up and all the shops open till early morning with decorations and nice lifestyle everywhere.

Whenever you want to visit Egypt feel free to check this link here to see all the options and and activities that you do while you will be there

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