Siwa oasis (the pure natural paradise)

It is a peaceful and pristine spot on earth as it is situated almost 800 km from Cairo on the western desert near the Libyan border. The local people of Siwa are called Amazigh and they speak their own language that the rest of Egyptians cannot understand when they talk to each other. The area is known for its natural and pure spots and it is a wonderful place for relaxation and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There you can see many unique sites such as

# The salt lakes

There are hundreds of salt lakes spread throughout the Siwa Oasis region of Egypt. The pools are actually part of a salt mine right outside of the town each of these pools has their own health benefits the salt pools are particularly good for skin and eye infections. You can float in them such as the dead sea.

# Cleopatra spring

The oasis has many cold and hot springs that is full of sulfuric water which is very useful for skin among this springs Cleopatra spring, which is almost the most famous one there, its name refers to Queen Cleopatra VII, there is no evidence that Cleopatra ever bathed there.

# Amon temple

this temple known also by name of the oracle temple as it was built almost 2500 years ago and there are many records confirmed that Alexander the great came to this temple to predict his future military campaigns and to show his respect to god Amon the main god of Egypt back at this time to get the loyalty of the local people.

# The Ancient Shali Fortress

The ancient Shali Fortress, located in the downtown, and it was built from kerchief (chunks of salt mixed with rock, brick and clay), during 13th-century the fortress was a spectacular sight to wander around. Shali Fortress is an important historical and religious symbol of Siwa. and it was built on a high point to make the local people safe from any attacks.

# Sand dunes and the stunning desert
The Sand Dunes of Siwa are a great place to explore in jeeps, on sand boards or by foot. sandboarding is One of the most popular activities for a fun day out

# The mountain of the dead
The Mountain of the Dead is a wonderful place to shoot photos as it is on the highest point of the oasis so you can have a panoramic view for the whole area from it . This mountain is home to thousands of graves which are cut into the bedrock giving it the name ‘Mountain of the Dead’.it was built during the 26th dynasty of the pharos and the burials continued here until the late Roman era.

# Fintas island
Fintas island is a stunning spot where you can enjoy unforgettable sunset view from it, somewhere looks like a paradise with oriental places for siting and relaxing.

Going to Siwa oasis could be by west delta buses or you can book an organized tour

you can visit and discover this stunning oasis with us in a private tour.

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