currency in Egypt

Money in Egypt is an important topic to know if you are planning to visit this country. Here are some key points to remember:

* The currency of Egypt is the (Egyptian pound EGP). One Egyptian pound is divided into 100 piastres. The currency code is EGP and the symbol is LE.

Exchange money in Egypt

* You can exchange your money for Egyptian pounds at banks, exchange bureaus, or authorized hotels. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs, which are common in cities and tourist areas. However, avoid changing money at airports or hotels, as they may charge higher rates or fees.

* You can use your credit or debit card for most purchases in Egypt, especially in urban and tourist areas. However, some places may only accept cash, so it is advisable to carry some with you at all times. You may also need cash for tipping, which is expected for many services in Egypt.

Currency in Egypt

* Always check the exchange rate before buying or selling Egyptian pounds. You can use an online currency converter like .com to get the real mid-market rate, which is the fairest and most accurate rate. Avoid paying in your own currency at ATMs or shops, as they may use a poor exchange rate or charge extra fees. Always choose to pay in Egyptian pounds to get the best deal.

* prices in Egypt may vary depending on the location, season, and quality of goods and services. You can expect to pay more in tourist areas or for imported items. You can find some examples of average prices in Egypt here.

* Generally Egyptians prefer to to get foreign currency when you pay them more than getting local currency but it is better for you to exchange your money for haggling and payment

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